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Hisense 65 " UHD-Smart 4K HDR TV - 65A6100

  • Resolution Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)

  • Screen size 65 "

  • FIFA official TV.

  • The versatile Ultra HD TV

  • 1 Year Warranty

CI +
Future-proof: with built-in CI + module, you can already receive broadcasts in HD today.

Triple tuner including DVB-S2 + C + T2 HD
Future-proof: Whether cable, satellite or antenna, with the integrated triple tuner you can receive all television signals effortlessly. And with DVB-T2-H2 even in HD resolution.

Quad core
For the speed kick! The quad core processors installed in the Hisense televisions offer the extra plus in performance. Whether fast-paced football match or favorite series - with the full power of the processors, the picture is always fluid. In addition, videos, pictures or music can be played at lightning speed.

UHD upscaling
If the resolution of a movie is not that high, then Ultra HD Upscaling helps to get the most out of it. Movie sequences are automatically optically enhanced and the existing resolution extrapolated.

With the latest HDR technology, which ensures top contrast, even the smallest details in your favorite movie come out big.

Revolutionary! Uncompromising! Easy! VIDAA U: That's the name of the smart Hisense user interface. Individually customizable. Fast, no matter if broadcaster or video on demand channels. It's easy to add, move or delete content. VIDAA U is for those who want more: more speed, more flexibility, more individuality.